Let's Talk About Race

Parents have been asking me, "How do we talk to our children about what happened to George Floyd? About the rebellion?" We are all trying to keep our children from seeing the scary news footage and violence when it occurs, but we are surrounded with this reality right now. We are all confronted with how to talk to our kids about what is happening in our communities. While it is difficult to have the answers, the conversation is very important. Here are some resources for you as you are navigating this difficult time with your children. Take care and stay safe.

There are many books that can help us explain racial inequalities, white privilege, and the protests in history related to them. This can be a safe way to start a conversation and educate about race. The books pictured above and the 27 books in this link are a great start.

Fred Rogers told us after 9/11, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people helping." This is excellent advice now too, if our children happen to see traumatic news coverage.  Mr. Rogers was a pioneer in helping to educate the very youngest children about race, fairness, and love.  Here is the episode from 1969.

Link above for the first episode on a Sesame Street conversation about race. Here is episode 2.

Animated narration of the book: "Something Happened in Our Town." 

Resource roundup for HOW to talk to your kids about race.

Part 2 of "Let's Talk About Race" is here.


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